A few days of picking

On Labour Day Monday, one of our regular customers stops in and tells us about an antique shop in Saskatchewan.  Although it has been closed for a while, he was able to get in by scheduling an appointment with one of the owners.  He was able to buy a few items and thinks it could be worth our while to contact these people and perhaps go on a little buying trip.  

He leaves us with contact information.  I call.  The store had basically been closed since 2011.  During their last few years of operation, the owners were getting somewhat discouraged as customers seemed to be fewer and farther between, and those who stopped in to buy, always wanted to haggle on the price.  

Traffic through the our store is extremely slow during the first week after school starts.  We think it may be a good time to go for a drive.  If the owners are motivated and there’s lots of stuff to pick through, it could be worth our while.  

I make a few phone calls, send a few emails, put posters in the windows and a note on the website regarding our absence.  The next morning, we’re on the road.  We make it a quick trip.  

We find it tough to buy from shop owners who are used to getting top dollars for their treasures.  However, we can’t go home empty handed.  We bite the bullet and buy what we think will be sure sellers: depression glass, Fire King jadeite, gas & oil tins, a couple of oversized crocks and a few other items.  After paying for gas, hotel room and meals, the profits will be low; but, it was a nice drive and a nice change of pace.  

After a few more days of cleaning, researching, pricing and displaying.  Everything fits in nicely!  Following are a few pictures of some of the items we hauled away.  



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