Don’t throw it away - throw it our way - for CASH!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week since my last blog.  Well, it’s been a busy week!  We definitely can’t complain as our 2014 season nears its end.  We have about a month to go before we shut the store down for the winter, which we’ve been told will bring record snowfalls; apparently, worse than the last few years.  

I have to say that it always makes me smile when first-timers walk into the store and gasp in amazement.  We call it the “wow” factor.  Ours is not a typical antiques and collectibles store.  Although most of the items are for sale, we have an extensive general store collection and when you walk in, I’ve been told, it feels like you’re walking into an old general store.  You should come and check it out sometime. 

One question that we often get asked is if we buy antiques.  The obvious answer is “yes, of course we do.”   We are always on the hunt for more “stuff” to fill every nook and cranny of our store.  

If you’re moving or simply downsizing, and if you’ve had something for more than thirty years, chances are it’s old and someone else would like it.  Remember the saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”  So, please don’t throw it away, throw it our way, for cash

If your bachelor uncle or other relative has recently passed away and you have to clear out their home, call us BEFORE you start hauling anything to the dump.  It’s incredible how many times people have come into the store and remarked as to how much they have inadvertently thrown away, not knowing that someone else would want it.  We will help you sort through the house, the sheds and the garages.  Again, call us BEFORE… even if they were a hoarder or the home is not as clean as you would want; we see beyond the filth and debris.  

You may also want to consider calling us BEFORE talking to an auctioneer.  When we make a deal, both parties are happy.  Whereas, you have no control over the outcome of an auction and could walk away disappointed. 

We like everything and anything that is old.  By old, we usually mean anything that is pre-1970s.  However, in some cases, we buy newer, especially when it comes to collectibles or electronics.  This year we’ve had a few requests for older video games, especially for the Nintendo Entertainment System from the early 1990s.  

You may be surprised to know that we also accept donations, especially if they are items that will fit in our private general store / museum section.  

Have a look at our photo gallery, or glance through the attached list of items which we would consider purchasing.  

We prefer to buy locally but will travel 3-4 hours for larger estate sales.  

Don’t hesitate to call or email.   

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