Hycroft China

About fifteen years ago, when we first started in this business and the internet was starting to be used by the public, we could usually find some type of information on any item we were researching.  Since then, the amount of data on the internet has grown considerably.  So why is it that nowadays, when I’m researching something, often I can’t find anything about it.  It it’s so aggravating. 

Yesterday, I acquired a beautiful a set of dishes made by Hycroft in Medicine Hat.  They bear the Alberta wild rose and have 22K gold trim.  From what I could gather, the company started as Medicine Hat Potteries in 1938, to be in direct competition with Medalta.  The company was renamed Hycroft in 1955 and closed in 1991.  Based on their style and design, I estimate the dishes to be circa 1950s - 60s.

The set includes eight six-piece settings with plates, soup bowls, luncheon plates, berry bowls, cups and saucers, plus a cream and sugar set.  All are in exceptionally good condition: no nicks, cracks or chips.  

After hours of searching, I have yet to find anything about these.  If anyone out there has any information as to the actual year of production and their estimated value, we would love to hear from you.  

SAM 6684
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