We are not experts on everything

Because we see so many different things, we cannot be experts on everything. For those areas where we lack expertise, we have to rely on books, the internet and collectors for information.  

Yesterday, I learned a little bit more about the Calgary Wine and Spirit jug that was the topic of my first blog.  According to a 20-year Medalta collector from BC, it was not made by Medalta nor the Medicine Hat Pottery Company.  He believes it was manufactured south of the border in Minnesota by Red Wing Potteries.  The word “imperial” was added at the top because Canadian and US gallons are not the same.  (4.546 litres in an imperial gallon (used in Canada and the United Kingdom); and, 3.79 litres in the US gallon.)  

For the last few years, we have been baffled by a Medalta Stoneware crock with the number 19 on it and a hole near the bottom.  We could not find anything on it and until yesterday nobody had any information to offer.  Again the BC Medalta collector came through.   

SAM 6677SAM 6678

In an article entitled “Strangely Numbered Crocks” that appeared in The Medalta Review, Spring 1998 newsletter (attached) published by Ron M. Getty, the same fellow who authored the book “Know Your Medalta, Stamps and Other Markings, A Guide to Dating Products,”  it starts out by saying that Tony Schlachter has the only known example of these specially numbered crocks, which were used by wineries or horticultural research stations.  

Unlike the one shown in the newsletter, ours bears the Medalta stamp (1926 - 1954).

We knew the #19 crock was rare because we couldn’t find a reference to it anywhere.  However, it’s possible that since the publication of the article in 1998, a few more of these strangely number crocks must have come out of the woodworks.  

Until such time as someone makes us an offer we can’t refuse, I guess it will stay in our display. 

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